Radio Links

Wireless Networks

A wireless network uses radio to connect devices such as laptops, smart phones to your network. Wireless networks connectivity can be point to point or point to multi-point using a variety of technologies such as licensed frequencies.

Improved standards

Wireless networking standards are new and they are continually being enhanced. Therefore they are now more effective than wired networks.


Wireless networks can carry your corporate traffic, provide connectivity to town & cities for the delivery of services such as public Wi-Fi or Traffic CCTV.


is the most common wireless network. It is used in multiple set ups, in businesses, factories and production facilities.

Public access WiFi is a must nowadays. The expectation of consumers is that WiFi is available in hotels, retail outlets and public areas.

Wireless planning

We plan and deliver wireless network solutions. Network planning is a critical step. We carry out a wireless survey for both internal and public access network. We then design your wireless network.

Wireless network clients

We provide wireless planning to a wide range of business and government departments.